Dear Friend,

Here's the bottom line... Most people don't make a full-time income, let alone even a few extra bucks online because they don't have the right tools to become successful.

Making money online really isn't that hard, and today I'm going to show you how you can easily suck money out of your Wordpress sites with less than 15 minutes of effort using the WP LapDance plug-in.

Starting Today, You Can Pull As Much Cash As You Want Out Of Your Wordpress Sites Within Minutes Of Downloading
The WP LapDance Plug-in...

You've probably got a few questions...

First off, I bet you're wondering why this software is called the WP LapDance plug-in?


Once you install this plugin, you can get as many lap dances as you want because WP LapDance is going to turn your Wordpress website into your very own virtual ATM machine.

The reason behind the silly name is to help you understand just how powerful the WP LapDance plugin really is.

Of course, if lap dances aren't your thing, you can always spend the cold, hard cash that WP LapDance is going to generate on things like vacations, your house payment, your kids, flying lessons... Whatever you want!

Is The WP LapDance Plug-in Easy To Use? You Bet! 
Just 3 Easy Steps To Get Started!

  1. Install the plugin just like any other Wordpress plugin - Point and click... It's so easy a 6 year-old could do it!
  2. Decide whether you want to have text, an image, a clickable image, or even a video as your pop-up message... No more plain grey pop-up boxes (unless you want one). With WP Lapdance, you can insert whatever you like into your pop-up message using HTML.
  3. Save your selection and WP LapDance goes to work making you money right away!

So, What's So Great About WP LapDance? Haven't Exit Pop-Ups Been Around For A Long Time?

  • WP LapDance is NOT just a boring grey box like most exit pop-up scripts (of course, you can use the grey box exit pop-up if you want...)
  • You can also choose to insert images, clickable images, and even VIDEOS into your exit pop-up box! (This is revolutionary technology that's seen nowhere else!)
  • WP LapDance is easy-to-use... You simply point and click to configure the plug-in
  • WP LapDance does NOT interfere with your user's experience and it's only activated when someone goes to leave your Worpress site. Simple navigation within your Wordpress website will NOT trigger the exit pop-up. This prevents you from irritating your visitors or preventing them from enjoying and interacting with the content on your website.
  • This plug-in was specifically created for Wordpress sites unlike all the other exit pop-up scripts that are made for single action sites like squeeze pages or sales letters... Installation is quick and painless just like any other Worpress plug-in
  • WP LapDance is virtually unblockable which means EVERYONE that leaves your site will get to see your exit pop-up... This mean more sales and opt-ins which equals CASH in the bank!

Checkout These Screenshots To See Just How Sexy
WP LapDance Really Is...

The Standard "Grey" Exit Pop-Up Box...

Not Bad... But We Can Do Better!

Here's An Exit Pop-Up Box With An Image Using WP LapDance

Pretty Cool, Huh? (You can even make these clickable!)

But, Check This Out...

WHOA?! Is That A Real, Live Working Video Inside That
Exit Pop-Up Box?

It Sure Is...


But, What Are Actual WP LapDance Users Saying?


“...The Slickest Idea I've Seen In A While”


 Pat McTigue

Pittsburgh, PA



"GREAT TOOL...WP Lapdance has got to be one of the slickest ideas I've seen in quite some time! Thanks for putting this out there 




“..., I Love It! - HAHA”

 Josh Brown

Charleston SC 


You're and Idiot! Who the hell names their software WP Lapdance, but seriously bro...I love it! HAHA.

I'm DEFINITELY sharing this one with all of my friends once you release it to the public!"  



“...I'm Impressed!”

Antonio Thornton
Atlanta GA




I'm impressed!

When you told me about the idea for WP Lapdance The frist thing I thought to myself was:
  - "Man, what a stupid name - LOL"

but the 2nd thing I thought to myself was
 - "Dam, this is a REALLY good idea that I'm surprised no-one else is has thought of it!"


“...sooo amazed at the results!”


Norcross GA


"I have been using Wordpress for a couple years now and am soooo amazed at the results I have gotten using WP Lapdance! I'm getting approximately 14% of people who leave my site to either give me their contact info or take some other money making action!


It is the ultimate marketing tool that every blogger should utilize!"  



“...your plug-in is DEFINITELY top notch!”

 Joe Lavery

Serial Testing Freak
Atlanta GA


"Yo Devon

In my years online as an internet marketer
I've come across some really great systems
(and some really crappy ones too)

I've got to tell you that your LapDance Worpress Plug-in is DEFINITELY top notch!  You took a
simple idea, and made it 100 times better!

Great Job Bro



WP LapDance Is A "Must Have" For Any Wordpress Site...

Let's face it, if you don't have WP LapDance installed on your WP site, you're throwing money out the window...

Even if the goal of your blog isn't to make money, it's easy to build a list and monetize your blog using WP LapDance.

The best part is, it takes just a few minutes to get setup, and then WP LapDance works for you 24/7 building your list and putting money in your pocket.

No ongoing maintenance or effort required...

Just set it up, and let the plug-in do its magic!

I actually demoed this for some of my exclusive mastermind students, and they were blown away by WP LapDance.

WP LapDance... Your Own Virtual ATM Machine!
(The Following Example Is NOT A Guarantee Of Income... It's An Example!)

Consider this...

Let's assume for a minute that you've got a Wordpress site getting 500 visitors per day.

Let's also assume that your Wordpress site isn't earning a penny right now...
(Maybe you're blogging about something you love and just haven't really thought about monetizing it yet)

Of course, if you already have a site you're monetizing, WP LapDance will kick things up a notch for you...

Anyway, getting back to our example here...

So far you've spent 4 minutes installing WP LapDance, and now you take another 5 minutes to mozy on over to Clickbank and snag an affiliate product related to your blog.

(If you don't know how to do this, watch the video above, and I show you EXACTLY what to do).

Now, you take another 7 minutes to record a brief video explaining how the Clickbank product you selected can help your blog visitors, and you're done...

(If you don't know how to make a video or you just really don't want to, you can always use an image or even just the basic exit pop-up offered by WP LapDance).

All 500 people that visit your website will eventually exit your site and see the WP LapDance exit pop-up, but to be conservative, let's say that just 300 people see it.

If you convert only 1% (pretty low) of the people that see your exit pop-up with the Clickbank product, you've just landed 3 sales for the day.

3 sales per day X $30 for the average affiliate commission = $90 per day!

$90 per day X 30 days per month = $2,700 per month!

And the best part is, it only took you 16 minutes to NET yourself $2,700 per month.

$2,700 With Just 16 Minutes Of "Work"...

I don't know about you, but I think that's some pretty amazing income for a 16 minute investment.

Want to be really conservative?

Divide that in half and you've still made $1,350 per month.

Maybe you're thinking, "Sounds great, Devon, but my Wordpress site isn't getting anywhere near 500 visitors per day!"

Ok fine... let's divide that $2,700 by 10!

That's still $270 per month for just 16 minutes of work.

$270 X 12 months = $3,240 per year for doing almost zero work...

It's pretty easy to see that WP LapDance is easily worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

But, I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars to get access to WP LapDance...

In fact, I know this will put cash in so many people's pockets, that I want to make this really easy for you...

To Sweeten The Deal, You'll Also Get Access To The Overnight Riches Report When You Snag WP LapDance Today...

WP LapDance Sounds Awesome... But How Much Is It?

It's pretty easy to see that you could easily pay $97-$197 for this and still be getting a great deal...

In fact, that's what Tinu Abayomi-Paul in Maryland suggested I charge for it.

She actually thought I was STUPID when I told her the price I was planning to offer this for initially.

Here's what Tinu has to say...



 Tinu Abayomi-Paul

SEO/Traffic Expert



I've just got one question for you....

For what your software does, you should be charging NO LESS than between $97 - $197! "


I really want you to get access to this and see just how powerful it is for yourself...

I believe in a thing called reciprocity.

If I hook you up (which is totally what I'm about to do), then I know you'll probably send me an email at some point after you've made some money from this asking me what else I've got that can help you grow your online business.

We both WIN!

But, even if you don't buy anything else from me EVER, I get the satisfaction of knowing that I've helped some fellow internet marketers earn some cash...

It's pretty obvious this software is worth its weight in gold, and even if I charged $197, it could easily pay for itself and then some within the first month.

Get Access To Special Pricing Until I Comes To My Senses...

Here's the deal...

As a special introductory offer, I'm going to give this away at the low price of just $67.

Yep, that's it!

For a mere $67, you get the WP LapDance plug-in PLUS The Overnight Riches Report as my bonus to you for giving WP LapDance a try...

Simply click on the orde...


You know what?

Forget what Tinu has to say!

I'm feeling a little CRAZY and A LOT generous!

I know this is worth $197, and it's a total no-brainer for anyone at $67, especially considering that you get The Overnight Riches Report as a BONUS just for trying WP LapDance out.

I'll tell you what...

If you're really "quick to the draw" and click on the order button below while that $37 price is still flashing, you'll get WP LapDance AND the BONUS report for 37 bucks... (That's less than the price of dinner for 2 at a NOT-FANCY restaurant)

I'm serious!

There's no gimmick or tricks after you click that button! You get INSTANT ACCESS to this amazing software for $37 as long as the $37 pricing is still flashing in red below.

If it's not flashing, it means you didn't act fast enough, but you'll still get in for $67 (which is A LOT LESS than you should be paying for this).


JUST $67 $37
(Limited Time)


Don't delay, because the price could be more when you come back to get this tomorrow!

To Your Success,

Devon Brown
The Success Renegade

P.S. - Still here? You better click that order button before the price goes up! Let me help you... Click here to get the WP LapDance plug-in PLUS the bonus report for just $37!


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